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Goalkeeper gloves care and cleaning

The choice of the right glove and its maintenance are crucial aspects to obtain maximum yield and give it greater durability.

The first advice is to understand which glove is right for you: there are different types of palm, each with different characteristics that allow better performance on one field rather than another.
For example, the use of an ultra-soft palm is not recommended if you play most of the games on synthetic fields of old generation or earth.

The N°1 ally of your gloves is water: moisten the palm with lukewarm water before matches helps to soften the latex.

Immediately after use, rinse the glove under the tap, this will allow you to remove impurities such as dust or blades of grass.

For a more complete wash, use a basin full of warm water, or take them with you in the shower. For cases of more intense dirt, you can help with neutral detergents that do not compromise the glove itself, for example using your bubble bath or mild detergents. Washing in the washing machine is absolutely not recommended!

The N°1 enemy of your gloves? The heat!
Once washed, put them to dry away from direct heat sources, resting on the back and not on the palm.

Important thing: treat your tools of the trade well! When you are struggling with your gloves, treat them gently, do not be aggressive, this will allow you to preserve seams and latex.

Credits - 3W S.R.L