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Italy's largest football store

Our Story

We started out and grew up on the football fields with amazing passion for this extraordinary sport and that’s why at end of 2006 we launched our first store in Borgosesia (VC).

In 2011 during one of the most difficult economic crises that Italy and the world had ever been through, we decided to reinvest all our resources to relaunch and open a second store in Verrone (BI), on the “well-known” Strada Trossi, spurred on as always by our never-ending enthusiasm.

In 2015 we launched FOOTBALLOVE.it for all Italian customers and football fans

In 2017, after years of steady growth, we are pleased to announce the opening of Italy’s largest football store. At the same time FOOTBALLOVE.it starts shipping all over Europe and North America.

The future? Let’s build it together!

Our philosophy

We Love football: we love top players and their “tricks”, we love the beauty of international matches as much as a kickabout with friends. We love stadiums, fans and their stories. We love recounting myths of this sport.

Football unites us all: football brings us together; it makes us rejoice when we win and cry when we lose. It makes us embrace a stranger and argue with our best friend.

Football is our passion and our job: we spend every minute of our day promoting this sport and we consider ourselves lucky to be doing what we love.

Our secret: high quality products and service are our added value.

We dedicate our work to all of you who love this sport: whether you be players for the national team or local team, whether you be fans or just browsers, you can find what you’re looking for right here.

With us you can get to know the products better: you can play around, have a browse, tell us your stories and… you might end up buying something, too.

We are all players in a great team: it’s not just the important players but you who create the trends, the fashions and so determine what is available in our stores. By sourcing original products you can help us to optimize support to this world made of real football.

OUR THREE PROMISES: CHOICE, we try to offer the greatest assortment of products. ACCESSIBILITY, the best products at the best possible prices. EXPERTISE, our knowledge of the products will help you make the best purchases

WE ARE COMPLETELY HONEST: we gain your confidence day after day. We will never push you to buy any more than you need or can afford.

Credits - 3W S.R.L