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Take care of your boots

Even the great champions take care of their boots! With some small measures, you can give it more resistance, get better performance and a better image.

After use do not leave your shoes in your bag for too long, this helps you to avoid the formation of annoying molds that damage the shoe and create unpleasant odors.

Wash well the sole and the upper even with cold running water. In cases of more intense dirt, you can help with your hands or with a rag or a soft sponge, absolutely nothing rough! After washing, the more the shoe will look like the day you bought it, the more you did a good job!

NEVER wash them in the washing machine, your shoes could be damaged.
After washing, keep them in a dry and warm place, not in the sun and away from direct sources of heat (no radiators, stoves, fireplaces, etc.). Put the newspaper inside, as did the father and the grandfather, sometimes the old methods are still the most effective.

If you have bought leather shoes, when they are dry and clean, add a light layer of grease to keep them soft and supple. You can use your hands again, a rag or a soft sponge, we recommend nothing rough.

The shoes with interchangeable cleats need some more precautions: before using them, take the key and screw all the studs, this is not done by companies to preserve the thread.
Never tighten the studs too much, this could damage the stud itself or worse the internal core.

Always check all the studs before using shoes, a few seconds operation that could avoid the unpleasant surprise during the match.
Take a few minutes: occasionally, unscrew all the studs and clean all the cores from earth residues before re-screwing them.

Credits - 3W S.R.L