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The perfect football for each occasion

How many times have improvised soccer fields, school backpacks that become poles, lines drawn in the sand, the penalty areas of improbable measures. The important thing was not to miss it - without him our efforts would be useless: the ball!

Of course, while playing we would have been happy with any ball. However, the choice may vary depending on the surface, the number of uses, your age, the event and still other factors.

We can divide the balls into two main categories: footballs and futsal balls, the latter controlled to rebound.The soccer balls have different sizes, depending on the circumference, ranging from 1 until 5, which is the maximum size for a soccer ball.The sizes 1 and 2 are dedicated to the smallest kids (from zero to approximately 3 years) or for a playful purpose. The size 3 can be used by children between 4 and 5 years, approaching to football for the first time, which will then pass to the size 4, used up to 12 years. Finally size 5 for those over 12 years old. Recall that the size is indicated on the ball.

At the moment on the market are machine-sewn or heat-sealed balls, made of synthetic materials which have taken the place of leather - lighter and with a lower water absorption.If you're looking for a ball for training with a good quality / price ratio we can evaluate Nike Pitch. As if we have higher quality and have an ideal product for the match, we recommend Nike Strike, available in different colors.If you want a ball for the match, the heat-sealed models provide higher quality: Adidas Finale Top Training Kiev or Adidas Top Replique World Cup 2018 are certainly an ideal choice.

Moving on to the soccer or futsal, we may find bounce-controlled products, size 4, but heavier and with little rebound.As for soccer balls, even in this case the products are made with stitching or heat sealing machine, which determine the quality and use. Balls sewn as Adidas Team Sala or Gems Futsal Blade Fx, suitable for both training that game. Instead balls like Adidas Training Sala or Nike Premier FootballX are recommended for the match.

Finally some maintenance tips: the first inflation should not be complete, but need only to take shape in the ball leaving him still quite deflated. The day after you can deflate it again and at this point we can give the right pressure, indicated close to the valve.We try to keep our balls in a dry place free of humidity, don’t let them under the sun or in too cold places.We can also simply wash them with water when they are muddy or dusty environments, making them dry in a net, possibly hanging, so as not to leave them on the ground.

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